• QuickTime is not a codec, it is a file format. QuickTime files use the ".MOV" file name extension.
  • If you do not have QuickTime installed you cannot import QuickTime files into Premiere Pro.
  • See the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Premiere Pro x.x\ReadMe file for important information about QuickTime.
AME CS4.0.2 is now available as an updater from Help>Updates...This update fixes the following QuickTime bugs:

- Quicktime output with Photo JPEG codec is very poor in quality
- Quicktime output with Animation codec is of poor quality
- Quicktime output with H.264 codec is of poor quality
- Quicktime output with QT None codec is very poor in quality
- AME crashes when exporting to QT H.264 with QT source when the Video is shorter than the Audio
- Export to AME Quicktime H264 hangs if work area includes any non-video.

Note: The default bit depth for QT Animation, QT None is set at 8 bit which needs to be changed to 24 bit or 32 bit (for Alpha) to get better quality. This setting can be saved as a AME preset for further use.

This bug is planned to be fixed in a future update for Premiere.

Steven - Yes, you are correct - in my AME test I selected "QT Alternate NTSC Download" because the other QT presets seemed to define lower than best quality. But I neglected to enter "alternate file" info for the export. Once I did that, the QT export from AME worked fine. (As did exports from the other, "lesser quality" presets).

So Eric -- if you too selected one of the "Alternate Download" presets, don't forget to provide it with alternate file info.

Gamma ProblemEdit

Quicktime has a feature, mostly hidden from users, which is designed to adjust the display gamma of quicktime movies on different machines to compensate for display difference. Deep within the file, there is sometimes a little tag called 'gama' lurking which tells the Quicktime player what gamma correction the file was encoded with. While this is well-intentioned, motivated by the difference in display gamma between PCs and Macs, the Quicktime player offers no way to view this tag and change it.

To work around this issue, Frantic Films Software "created a small tool that strips the 'gama' tag out of offending quicktimes. It's a very simple tool which operates on all the file names and folders given to it."

This QuicktimeGammaStripper utility (for Windows) disappeared in the last few months, but it popped up here

AFAIK the way QT displays your movie is NOT an accurate respresentation of the movie itself, but an attempt to adjust to the type of system you have. Stripping out the gamma setting 'fixes' this. If the QT movie is uploaded to, say YouTube, this gamma is stripped out as a matter of course.
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