Adobe Premiere Pro
"Adobe Premiere Pro earns its status as industry-standard video editing software, thanks to its familiar nonlinear editing interface, unmatched ecosystem of tools, and powerful capabilities. Since our last look at the massive application, it has added: the Auto Reframe tool; enhanced HDR support; new text, graphics, and audio tools; performance improvements; and many other features. All of this makes Premiere well worthy of an Editors' Choice award for professional-level video editing software."
―Michael Muchmore[src]

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Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editor software developed by Adobe for video and clip editing and manipulation, it was initially launched in 2003 as part of the Adobe Creative Suite, later translated into Adobe Creative Cloud. Due to its complex interface, Adobe created a simplified version based same application, Adobe Premiere Elements.[1]


Best functionality are accessible via Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance > Settings and select “Adjust for best performance.


  • Although Adobe Premiere Pro does not import the contents of clips into the Premiere Pro project, it creates references based on those items.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro is a non-destructive video editor.
  • Markers added to a clip on the timeline do not magically appear in all clips from the same source in other timelines. If you want the same clip markers to appear on the same clip in multiple timelines then you need to create the clip markers in the Source View, effectively assigning the markers to the clip in the Project Window/Panel, before putting the clip on the timeline.


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