• DVMP Basic plays DV AVI files and displays the DV metadata such as timecode, date and time of recording, iris, shutter speed, white balance settings etc which appear beneath the video pane. Information is displayed frame-accurate. You can frame-step back or forward, and jump directly to the next or previous scene.
  • DVMP Pro has all the features of the Basic version, but has lots of additional player enhancements and a set of tools which include:
    • Plays AVCHD .m2ts/.mts files, HDV .m2t files, DV AVI and Raw DV files and displays metadata with frame accuracy. Single frame step back or forward.
    • Plays and displays metadata for standard def Sony HDD / DVD camcorders that record in MPEG-2 to a built-in hard drive or recordable DVD (also Sony AVCHD cameras set to standard def MPEG-2 mode).
    • Plays and displays recording date and time for standard def MOD files (MPEG-2).
    • Burn-in DV, HDV and AVCHD, Sony HDD/DVD and MOD temporal Metadata: timecode, date/time, aperture, shutter-speed, gain, white balance settings etc. Also with Transparent Background option (text with alpha channel).
    • Date stamp AVCHD, HDV, DV, Sony HDD/DVD and MOD files in several languages and with user-defined format
    • Support for GPS Geotagging in Sony AVCHD cameras - display the latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and direction of the camera in real time, or burn-in geotagging info to video frames (also supports camera's standard def MPEG-2 mode)
    • Display a Google Map of the exact GPS location at any point in a clip by pressing CTRL-M
    • DV Capture module with live capture, on-the-fly file-splitting, and slave-to-camera feature
    • Powerful DV file splitter: splits by timecode, recording date/time, user bits, tape index marker. Gets around timecode jumps in Premiere-captured AVIs.
    • Modify DV metadata: change timecode, date/time, user bits, widescreen flag, convert NTSC timecode to drop-frame or non-drop frame.
    • Convert file type between AVI Type 1 and 2, and Raw DV (.dv).
    • Append recording start date/time to file name: works for DV (.avi), Raw DV (.dv), MOD, Sony HDD/DVD, HDV (.m2t), AVCHD (m2ts/mts)
    • Set "date modified" file property to recording start date/time: works for DV (.avi), Raw DV (.dv), MOD, Sony HDD/DVD, HDV (.m2t), AVCHD (m2ts/mts)
    • Fix Premiere Start Timecode on DV AVI files so that it agrees with the camera-generated timecode of the first frame
    • Extract audio to .WAV or .AC3
    • Batch processor to process multiple files at once.
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