Adobe Premiere Pro


Premiere Pro produces an error message including the text [..\..\src\Audio\AsioHost.cpp-709]

Possible Solutions[]

this issue appears to be eliminated when you remove crossfades from between 2 disabled audio clips on the timeline. also, it seems to really affect those projects that were started in PPro 2.0 and then opened in CS3. The trick is to remove the crossfades without moving the CTI (just zoom in and remove them) and you'll have no problems. If you remove the crossfades in the sequence and it still trips up, try closing PPro and reopening.

Neither of these problems should exist, of course, but they do, and it appears to have nothing to do specifically with either HDV content or the sound card being used.

If either of those two situations apply to you, i'd recommend removing crossfades or finishing 2.0 projects in 2.0....and then file a bug report to Adobe.
I traced the cpp-709 to a corrupted audio driver. I deleted all my hardware audio device in the device manager and rebooted, letting windows reinstall and it went away. I'd give that a try first.

See Also[]

I wanted to record voiceover in premiere pro cs3. But the problem comes with the message : Scr\audioAsioHost.ccp-709.

Please tell me how to solve this problem?

Nanda Gautam