• Adobe Media Encoder produces the message "Encoding Failed. Could not read from the source. Please check if it has moved or been deleted."


On a Mac, be sure to fix Disk Permissions with the Apple Disk Utility. A persmission issue will prevent the media encoder from being able to write/change files and encoding will fail.
                <UserNick>Aonghas M</UserNick>
                <Date>2010-02-07 23:22:28</Date>
                <Content>Some ....</Content>
                <UserNick>Oscar Wilde</UserNick>
                <Date>2010-02-07 23:22:38</Date>
$sxml   = simplexml_load_string($xml);
foreach($sxml->Question as $question)
  $subject = trim($question->Subject);
  $link = $question->Link;

    //problem here

    foreach ($question->Answers as $answers) {
        foreach ($answers->Answer as $answer) {
            }//end foreach ($answers->answer as $answer) 
          }// end foreach ($question->answers as $answers) 

//also tried

          foreach ($sxml->Question->Answers->Answer as $d) {
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