Premiere Pro produces the error message: "Out of memory"

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  • Users with multiple monitor workstations have found that switching to a single monitor environment alleviates this problem. The technical reason for this is currently unknown.
  • If you are using Photoshop files in Premiere Pro 1.x then this is a known issue.
  • See also Adobe technical support document 330380.
  • alison ayson said:
I used to get this "out of memory" error all the time. I had 2 gigs of memory and decided to try upgrading to 4 gigs to see if that would help. All that happened after I installed 4 gigs of memory is that it took a bit longer before I got the "out of memory" error.

I did two things which have made the error go away completely (without changing hardware).

1) I render sequence changes much more frequently and don't wait until I have a ton of changes to render

2) I went into "my computer" and checked my memory settings. I was shocked to see that, by default, Windows set my page file (virtual memory) to roughly 800 meg even though I had 4 gigs of memory. The standard "rule of thumb" is to have your virtual memory set to twice your physical memory. I went the conservative route and changed my virtual memory to 4096 meg.

Once I made the above changes, over 8 months ago, I have not had the dreaded "out of memory" error once. Before making those changes I would get the "out of memory" error every single time I was working with a project in Premiere Pro.
I found two things with this error. On two different machines.

1st Machine: The memory was not matched from the manfacturer, so I dropped in 4 sticks of 1GB DDR2 and never saw the error again.

2nd Machine: It was a bit different not hardware from what I could muster.. However, I closed Premiere, opened a new project and imported the problem project into it. Now I don't get the out of memory error. My assumption was it was erroring out because of a corrupted project file. I have experienced this in about 5 out of 30 projects and that seems to fix it everytime.

I should note that machine one was with a RT.X100 card and M2 was a RT.X2.
I have had my most success avoiding the error by turning off any and all thumbnails both in the assets pane and in the timeline. Also, dont show the audio waveform.
I had this problem. Find the folder where Adobe keeps the rendered files. This will contain a separate folder for every project that you have ever worked on! Delete all the empty folders. The remaining folders can either be deleted or moved to another drive if you are not working with them any more. You can always move them back if you need them. Premiere is whizzing along now.
I've run into this many, many times on long form projects. For me, the culprit is almost always an asset that falls outside of what Adobe can handle. Here's an example:

Stills: If I keep the size below 1600 x 1200 at 72dpi, I can do just about anything with the image like pans, opacity changes, etc. Bigger, or denser, and I sometimes get the OOM message. Try this: create a 3000 x 4000 at 300 dpi black solid in photoshop, save as .psd and import as footage into Premiere. Put it on the timeline, add a standard fade in and change the opacity to 60%. Out of memory. Change the size in photoshop to the size I said above, no problem. If you just put the solid on the timeline without fades or opacity changes, it amy work, or maybe not.

Also, lately PP has a nasty habit of changing the fps on some footage from 23.976 to 19.18. Looks ok in the preview window but once you try ot output: out of memory. Intterpret footage as 23.976, and all is OK.

When tyring to output to avi, m2v, or other formats from the timeline, I put a screen capture window (Camtasia), over the render prgress box. When it blows up, at least I have a visual capture of WHAT FRAME caused the error. I go to that fame and examine the assett. Alomst always, I see something about the still or video that is not standard. Fix the asset and the compile continues on.

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