Good question. Some Bridge Metadata fields show up in the Premiere Project window on import, but others don't. "Video Data 1/Tape Name" seems to be ignored, and "Video Data 2/Alternate Tape Name" is imported as the "Tape Name". "Video Data 1/Log Comment" is imported as the "Log Note". I haven't found any Bridge Metadata fields that are imported into the following Premiere Columns: Description, Comment, Scene, or Shot/Take columns.
This is very tricky!
The data written in the scene or shot/take columns in the Premierte PRO Project window appears in the metadata only if you select "File info" after. If you omit this last step the data will not be transfered to the metadata. Opening "File info" in Bridge will not do. Also the date written in the metadata is incorrect it is the date the file was imported or captured in Premiere, not the actual date written in the DV-AVI file.
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