I would type the entire list and animate the crop effect to reveal the bullets.
Unlike Steve, when faced with a similar problem, I made separate titles for each line. It is a little more complicated and you have to pay attention to width and x positions to make sure they match, but you have more flexibility in adding keyframes. With the crop or clip effect, you can go down line by line, but it is hard to do things like gradually fade out opacity for each previous line as each new line comes up. (or slightly alter hue/sat for each line dynamically)
  • Mike Cohen said:
I start by making the whole bulleted list. If you have 5 bullet items plus a title, save this as list-6. Then delete the lst line, save as list-5 etc. Then you line them up on one track and dissolve or wipe to the next one in sync with your audio. If you want to manipulate each line separately, such as with motion or whatever, begin by making the whole page, then delete all but one line, and save each as a separate title.)
  • Henry said:
You might want to start with PowerPoint slides as source images since aligning bulleted lists is its "bread and butter".
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