• In CS4 and later you must have a compatible sequence (DV/HDV etc.) targeted otherwise there will be a mismatch with your hardware preventing export.
  • If the External Device pop-up menu in the Playback Settings dialog box (Project > Project Settings > General) is set to "None", no video is recorded when you export to tape.
  • Some European model camcorders do not support recording via the IEEE 1394 port. Check your operator’s manual for details.
It turns out that my Asus AMD-based motherboard (A7N8X) with the built-in Firewire card has this known problem. It can transfer video to the PC but it has trouble sending it back to the camcorder. I found Usenet posts where folks listed the identical issue.
I installed my old trusty Pinnacle firewire card and now everything is back to normal.
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