Try creating a new sequence, and then nest your original sequence in it (just drag your old sequence to the new timeline -- this is one thing I love about PPro). Then apply the "Broadcast Colors" filter to the nested sequence, limiting the luminance to 100 IRE. Then you should be be able to output without any strobing.
24p looks best on 29.97 timeline. 24pa is ment for the 24p preset in premiere. The panasonic DVX100a is where I am experienced, but this is the case with this cam.

I struggled with this problem after I purchased my new Canon XA20 video cameras and tried all the suggested ideas such as moving a duplicate one frame and making it 50% opacity. In the end what I found worked perfectly was Digital Anarchy's Flicker Free which is an After Effects Plug In for Premiere Pro. It has a number of options, based on the possible source of the strobing, but I found the "Stage Lights" effect worked perfectly for me.

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