Or... you're trying to playback footage that has a datarate higher than your hard drives can sustain.
Hmm, give this a whirl: under Preferences - General, try to flip the 'Optimize rendering for:' option to Memory instead of Performance.

Since a lot of people wonder what's the story with this option: this setting controls whether we limit the number of render threads to match CS2, or whether we let it use more threads, depending on how many processors are available. This generally means better performance, but for every render thread, this means that we also use more memory, and it also means that we're accessing source material more frequently, so it can also translate into more disk activity.

(My theory is that maybe with more concurrent threads being active, maybe your drive isn't keeping up..?)
Make sure your video card is set to 32 bit.
I found the problem with mine. In 2.0 preview quality was set to "automatic" This caused "jittery" playback in 3.0. I changed it to "highest" and previews play fine.

Are you using a a dual head Nvidia card? Are you using two PC monitors? If so, then reset your workspace and/or drag your application preview monitor over to the primary PC monitor. See if that helps.

There seems to be an issue with having the preview/resource monitors on the secondary PC monitor.

  • If you still have a problem you will need to do some serious troubleshooting.
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