• Note that you cannot update the trial version of Premiere Pro.
  • Wil Renczes said:
please try doing a search on your system for a file called aum.log for a dump of what's gone wrong...
I rebooted, and immediately launched Premiere and run the update again which then worked.
I've found that if you don't install all the available updates you currently have downloaded, the 3.1.0 updater won't show up. (Alternatively, by choosing 'delete all' in the dialog that shows the list of available updates, the list then refreshed correctly & showed the 3.1.0 update as expected.)

We're actively bugging the updater team to get this fixed.
  • If all else fails, uninstall Premiere Pro then after re-installing, install each update individually. Hopefully it won't come to this for you.
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