Adobe Premiere Pro

Possible "cure" in case of "..\API\Inc\Be/component/Keyframe.h-138" error[]

Had to help my friend with this type of error few days ago..

Well, this is nearly Christmas time, so lets say this is my Christmas gift for those of you who's project(s) got "mangled" with decimal separators '.' that got replaced by ',' because of Regional Settings on some of non-English Windows systems.

To resolve this issue, you may wish to try out Perl "one-liner" that is given below. Actually, original script was more complex and was written in Python, just because of I like it, but practice shows that in most cases the below Perl one-liner should be sufficient to do the job, and actually does it quite perfectly!

So, first, BACKUP your existing "corrupted" project and store it in a safe place. The one-liner given below is going to do required replacement in-place and this is why you have to create backup of your project file first. Also, to run the one-liner you might need to install Perl interpreter if you do not have it installed on your system yet. The miraculous command line that does the job is as follows:

perl -p -e "s/([-0-9]+?),([0-9]{12,24})/$1.$2/g" damaged.prproj >working.prproj

If you have replaced "MY.prproj" in the command line above with your own Adobe Premiere Pro project file name and hit <Enter> than most likely your project file is already waiting to be opened..


Alex Utah (Sacramento/Limerick/Kiev)

P.S: To avoid this error in the future you may consider changing decimal separator symbol in Regional Settings of your Windows OS from ',' to '.'

Edit July 2008 To avoid this error in the future you can also use the Batch-Script I wrote:

Permanently changing the decimal separator symbol in your native Regional Settings isn't always the best decision I think. On the other hand you will always have to manually change the Windows User-locale before the start of Premiere to English (USA) (en-US). After your work is done with Premiere you will have to change it back to your native locale (de-De for me). Most times you will surely forget this, so I have written a small batch script, which does this automatically: The script changes the Windows User-locale to en-US, then starts an application (Premiere here), waits for completion of it and then changes the User-locale back to your native locale. In the batch file you will have to change the APP_PATH, so it points to your Premiere.exe and your native locale (LOCALE_DEFAULT). You can find some instructions in the batch file. I hope this helps.

Here is the download of the script with the locale files: Zip-File