The Adobe Production Studio Curriculum Guide delivers the instructional source materials, lesson ideas, and student assignments that instructors need to introduce brand new post-production tools — Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, Adobe After Effects 7.0, Adobe Encore DVD 2.0, Adobe Audition 2.0, Adobe Illustrator CS2, and Adobe Photoshop CS2 — and teach skills for careers in film, video, broadcast, and DVD production.

Important note: The Adobe Production Studio Curriculum Guide may be used only by certified educators and may be used only in the classroom. Distribution of the Guide outside of the educator's classroom or commercial use of the content of the Guide is prohibited.

Note: Curriculum content is furnished for informational use only, is subject to change without notice, and should not be construed as a commitment by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Adobe Systems Incorporated assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this material.

  • Module 1: Digital Video Workflow, Project Planning, and Writing Tips (PDF: 221k)
  • Module 2: Digital Video: Camcorder Features and Shooting Tips (PDF: 1.1M)
  • Module 3: Touring Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 (PDF: 539k)
  • Module 4: Video Capture and Asset Management (PDF: 774k)
  • Module 5: Creating Cuts-only Videos (PDF: 565k)
  • Module 6: Adding Video Transitions (PDF: 395k)
  • Module 7: Creating Dynamic Titles (PDF: 492k)
  • Module 8: Applying Specialized Editing Tools (PDF: 605k)
  • Module 9: Adding Video Effects (PDF: 719k)
  • Module 10: Putting Clips in Motion (PDF: 514k)
  • Module 11: Acquiring and Editing Audio (PDF: 439k)
  • Module 12: Sweetening Your Sound and Mixing Audio (PDF: 493k)
  • Module 13: Compositing Techniques (PDF: 895k)
  • Module 14: Enhancing Color, Editing Tips, and Shortcuts (PDF: 583k)
  • Module 15: Project Management (PDF: 350k)
  • Module 16: Exporting Frames, Clips, and Sequences (PDF: 476k)
  • Module 17: Authoring DVDs with Adobe Premiere Pro (PDF: 393k)
  • Module 18: Digital Still Photography: Issues and Techniques (PDF: 241k)
  • Module 19: Using Adobe Photoshop CS2 for DV Projects (PDF: 374k)
  • Module 20: Creating Animated Text with Adobe After Effects 7.0 (PDF: 301k)
  • Module 21: Adobe After Effects 7.0 Motion Graphics and Special Effects (PDF: 358k)
  • Module 22: Adobe Audition 2.0: A Professional Audio Tool (PDF: 638k)
  • Module 23: Using Adobe Illustrator CS2 to Create DV Project Graphics (PDF: 611k)
  • Module 24: Authoring DVDs with Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 (PDF: 1.2M)
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