When you attempt to import a RED .R3D file in to Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 or After Effects CS4 you encounter one of the following results:
- A crash
- The file is grayed out and unavailable for import.
Or you may encounter one of the following errors:
- "File video dimensions (width/height) too large."
- "File format not supported."
- "The importer reported a generic error."
- "After Effects error: Can't import file '<filename>': unsupported filetype or extension. (0::1)"
- "After Effects error: File '<filename>'cannot be imported “ this '.r3d' file is damaged or unsupported."

  • Premiere Pro CS 4.1 Troubleshoot RED R3D file import unsupported file message:
When upgrading from the 1.3 Red Plugin for Premiere Pro CS4.0.1 to the Red Plugin 1.7 for Premiere Pro CS4.1 you may have recieve this message upon attempted import into Premiere Pro Cs4.1:
- "File format not supported."
This error message is probably got to do with the 1.3 manually installed After Effects Plugin:
- "RedSettingsPal.aex" (found in the "...After Effects/Plugins/Format" folder)
- If you attempt to launch After Effects 9.0.2 and you recieve an error about this file then remove it (move to desktop) and launch After Effects 9.0.2 again. If the launch succeeds import an R3D file into After Effects 9.0.2. If this works then you can launch Premiere Pro CS4.1 and import RED R3D files as expected. -- Jon Barrie
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