3D SwingOut

Swing Out transition preview

The "Swing Out" transition shows clip B swing into view away from you on an axis at the edge of the frame.

This transition has many variations.
  • Click on "West to East" to use the left edge of the frame.
  • Click on "East to West " to use the right edge of the frame.
  • Click on "North to South" to use the top edge of the frame.
  • Click on "South to North" to use the bottom edge of the frame.
  • Place a check in the "Reverse" checkbox to have clip A swing out of view toward you.
  • Increase the "Border Width" above zero to create a border around the swinging clip. Additionally:
    • You can choose the "Border Color". The default it is black.
    • You can choose the "Anti-aliasing Quality". The default is "Off".
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