In this week's podcast, host Jeff Schell walks you through steps for fixing unevenly lit video. He shows you how to use the Ramp video effect in conjunction with the Calculations video effect to mimic the transparency modes commonly found in Photoshop and After Effects.
Jeff walks you through the steps necessary to nest a sequence in another sequence in order to properly use the Calculations effect. He shows you how to apply the calculations effect on tracks 1 and track 2 in a very creative way.
This week's podcast is the second in the 2 part series that began with last week's podcast. In this half, podcast host Jeff Schell shows you how to take unevenly lit video that may be too dim, and quickly brighten it up using the Ramp and Calculations video effect with a nested sequence. The Calculations effect uses the transparency common to users of Photoshop or After Effects. Before diving into this podcast, it is recommended to start with part 1 from last week. (Or else the talking dog in the UFO won't make any sense.)
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