Adobe Premiere Pro

If you don't have any VST plug-ins there are a number of them at: (Great Reverb, Compressor/Limiter, Delay, EQ and more... They sound good as well.

at you can download a free VST 'effect' called "Inspector" which will monitor your audio as you play your sequence, and, among other things, tell you by how much you have exceeded the 0dB maximum permitted level. You can then reduce the monitored fader by that amount and be confident there should be no clipping. It comes remarkably well documented (for freeware) and the help file is worth a quick check through. And another tip - if you export just the audio of your project with the "Inspector" vst window visible, it will provide the analysis of levels and clipping at high speed - on my PC, in about 4 mins for a 40 minute .avi - and the results it gives correlate with analysis in Audition, so it appears you can depend on it. In my test file, it showed that the level needed to be reduced by 0.4dB to avoid clipping - which was the amount by which I'd pushed the fader up before running the test. Using this method it would appear you don't have to sit glued to the meters all the way through your project to avoid clipping.

Prevent Usage[]

  • If you want to actively prevent Premiere Pro from using one or more VST plug-ins, create a text file called Blacklist.txt listing the filename of each plug-in one per line. Put the text file in the same folder as the plug-in files, one blacklist file per folder. The blacklist file is read only when Premiere Pro starts up.


  • Note that there is a limit to the number of VST effects that can appear in the list in the mixer panel, however all supported VST effects should appear in the list in the effects panel.
One thing to remember, not ALL plug-ins work/show up in other programs, even if they normally use that sort of plug-in.
One example is my SampleTankMX.dll (a VST plug-in from another Audio editor). PP loads it, but cannot use it. First time I started the program, after installing the editor with SampleTank, I got an error message saying, "Premiere cannot implement the functionality of the SampleTank... Because of that, it will not be used." It still loads it, but can't do a thing with it. In this case, PP went out and found VST's from other programs and properly loaded them. Just not all will work from within PP.
  • If some VST effects are not available in Premiere Pro when you expect them to be, search your hard drive for a file called Plugin Loading.log after configuring your search to find hidden files. The log may tell you why a plug-in is not being loaded.
  • The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VST registry entry usually specifies the root folder where shared VST plug-ins should be stored.